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BLS Publications and Information Services 2013 Annual Summary

At BLS we gauge our impact and effectiveness by looking at

  • The number of customers we reach
  • The intensity and extent of their usage of BLS data and information, and
  • Customer feedback.


Visitors to BLS Website

BLS logo
Unique Visitors to BLS Website per Month, on average: 3.8 million

Unique Visitors to Website per Month, on average: 3.8 million


E-Mail Subscription Service

GovDelivery  Subscriptions Total subscribers: 105,338
Total subscriptions (to the 73 e-mail update and notification lists): 1,106,197

E-mail subscriptions

BLS began providing e-mail alerts in 2013 for the Monthly Labor Review, Beyond the Numbers, Spotlight on Statistics, and the daily feature The Editor’s Desk. BLS sent out 77 alerts. Customers can sign up to receive e-mail alerts about new editions of these and other BLS publications at


Twitter Logo 17,953 followers, up from 7,582 at the end of 2012
327 Tweets, which included headlines and links to the News Releases, and other BLS publications. Each Tweet was retweeted an average of 16 times, with the monthly Employment Situation report typically retweeted 100-200 times per month.
Tweets from BLS typically include a link to a publication on the BLS website. Readers clicked on those links more than 184,000 times in 2013, an average of 563 times per tweet.

Twitter followers

Inquiries from the Public: Contacts to BLS via website, e-mail, or phone

26,031 inquiries received and answered
BLS measures such activities through its Customer Inquiry System (CIS)


Outreach Activities: Presentations and Exhibits

BLS reached 24,619 data users at 249 outreach and educational activities in 2013.

Selected venues

  • C-SPAN – America by the Numbers
  • American Public Media – Marketplace
  • American Association for Public Opinion Research
  • National Education Association
  • National Council for the Social Studies
  • Association for Middle Level Education
  • American Sociological Association
  • National Conference on Education


Data and Information Usage

Website Page Views

New and changed web documents posted to each month, on average: 3,066

Page Views per month, on average: 36.8 millon

Page Views per month: 36.8 millon (average) in 2013

Each time a user accesses a Web page, it is called a page view. This means, roughly, that each page view represents a person reading one document on

National News Releases

National News Releases

163 National news releases issued

Most frequently requested releases (with average monthly page views)

Regional News Releases

Regional News Releases 882 Regional News Releases issued

Selected regional releases (with total annual page views)

  • Average Energy Prices in Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton (261,163)
  • Average Retail Food Prices and Energy Prices, US City Average and Midwest Region (221,808)
  • Average Energy Prices, Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County (89,150)

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2013–2014 Edition

Occupational Outlook Handbook 114,210,379 total annual page views

Most Read Occupational Profiles (with total annual page views)

The Monthly Labor Review

The Monthly Labor Review 38 articles and 36 features

Selected MLR Articles (with total annual page views)

Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the Numbers 26 issues

Selected BTN Articles (with total annual page views)

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Occupational Outlook Quarterly 4 issues, containing 13 articles

Selected OOQ articles (with total annual page views)

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Selected Detailed Reports (with average monthly page views)

The Editor's Desk

The Editor's Desk 238 issues, one every work day

  • 2,223 page views per day, on average

Other Publications

Other Publications

69 Other publications, including (with with total annual page views)


Data Downloads

107,246,163 data series, containing 540,962,175 estimates available online at the BLS website

Most Frequently Requested Data Series


Customer Feedback

As measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index