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Labor Productivity and Costs
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Productivity Data By Sector, Industry, and State

Labor and multifactor productivity data are available by sector and industry in comma separated values (CSV) format in the tables below. These productivity data are also available from the Productivity and Costs , Multifactor Productivity and Industry Productivity databases.

In addition, experimental state-level productivity and cost measures are available in CSV format for the private nonfarm sector. BLS published an article, "BLS Publishes Experimental State-level Labor Productivity Measures", that describes the data and methodology used to estimate these new labor productivity data.

Major Sector Productivity

Labor Productivity and Costs Data By Sector:
  • Major Sector Data (CSV)
  • Durable and Non-Durable Manufacturing Sector Data (CSV)

Data last updated: September 3, 2020

Multifactor Productivity Data By Sector:
  • Major Sector Data (CSV)
  • Durable and Non-Durable Manufacturing Sector Data (CSV)
  • Three Digit Manufacturing Industry Data (CSV)

Data last updated: July 21, 2020

Industry Productivity

Labor and Multifactor Productivity Data By Industry:
  • Two Digit Sector Data (CSV)
  • Three Digit Industry Data (CSV)
  • Four Digit Industry Data (CSV)
  • Five Digit Industry Data (CSV)
  • Six Digit Industry Data (CSV)

Data last updated: August 27, 2020

State Productivity

Labor Productivity and Cost Data By State and Region:
  • State Data (CSV)
  • Regional Data (CSV)

Data last updated: June 11, 2020


The concordance tables contain information about the hierarchical structure of sector, industry, and state data.

Concordance Tables:
  • Major Sector and Durable and Non-Durable Manufacturing Sector Concordance (CSV)
  • Durable and Non-Durable Manufacturing Sector and Three Digit Manufacturing Industry Concordance (CSV)
  • Two Digit Sector and Three Digit Industry Concordance (CSV)
  • Three Digit Industry and Four Digit Industry Concordance (CSV)
  • Four Digit Industry and Five Digit Industry Concordance (CSV)
  • Five Digit Industry and Six Digit Industry Concordance (CSV)
  • Region and State Concordance (CSV)


Last Modified Date: September 3, 2020