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Employee Benefits Survey
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Appendix table 2. Number of workers represented,1 National Compensation Survey, March 2015
Occupational group2 Civilian workers Private industry workers State and local government workers

All workers

130,508,100 111,517,700 18,990,400

Management, professional, and related

39,868,500 29,380,400 10,488,100

Management, business, and financial

11,855,900 10,294,000

Professional and related

28,012,600 19,086,300 8,926,300


6,549,900 5,001,500

Primary, secondary, and special education school teachers

4,270,300 3,668,100

Registered nurses



28,194,000 24,171,100 4,023,000

Protective service

3,107,100 1,278,100 1,829,000

Sales and office

33,281,100 30,575,300 2,705,900

Sales and related

12,361,700 12,245,400

Office and administrative support

20,919,400 18,329,800 2,589,600

Natural resources, construction, and maintenance

10,111,800 9,131,100 980,700

Construction, extraction, farming, fishing, and forestry

4,658,700 4,102,400

Installation, maintenance, and repair

5,453,200 5,028,700

Production, transportation, and material moving

19,052,600 18,259,900 792,700


9,124,600 9,013,600

Transportation and material moving

9,928,000 9,246,300


(1) The number of workers represented by the survey are rounded to the nearest 100. Estimates of the number of workers provide a description of the size and composition of the labor force included in the survey. Estimates are not intended, however, for comparison to other statistical series to measure employment trends or levels.

(2) The 2010 Standard Occupational Classification system is used to classify workers.

NOTE: Because of rounding, sums of individual items may not equal totals. Dashes indicate that no estimates for this characteristic are provided in this publication.