Appendix table 1. Survey establishment response, private industry, 2018
Establishments Number of establishments

Total in sampling frame(1)


Total in sample






Out of business or not in survey scope


(1) The sampling frame was developed from state unemployment insurance reports and is based on the 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). With some minor exceptions, an establishment is a single economic unit that engages in one, or predominantly one, type of economic activity. For private industries, an establishment is usually a single physical location. Excluded from the survey are workers employed in federal and quasi-federal agencies, military personnel, agricultural workers, volunteers, unpaid workers, individuals receiving long-term disability compensation, and those working overseas. In addition, private industry excludes workers in private households, the self-employed, workers who set their own pay (e.g., proprietors, owners, major stockholders, and partners in unincorporated firms), and family members paid token wages.
(2) Establishments that provided data at the initial interview.
(3) Establishments that did not provide data at the initial interview. Data for establishments not responding at the time of update interviews are imputed. For information on nonresponse adjustment and imputation, see “National Compensation Measures,” BLS Handbook of ethods available at

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey.


Last Modified Date: April 18, 2019