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Current Employment Statistics - CES (National)

CES Publications Overview Page

Link directly to the latest news release. Archived news releases are also available.
Read this month's edition of the CES Highlights. The Highlights are a detailed monthly analysis written by CES industry analysts to supplement the Employment Situation.
Check out the latest CES Strike Report. The Strike Report includes strikes of 1,000 workers or more who were idle during the entire CES survey reference pay period. Archived Strike Reports are also available from 1990 forward.
The CES Shipyard Earnings Indexes are produced by CES under contract with the Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).
Get your in-depth guide to the latest CES benchmark revision. The annual benchmark revision is released every February with the January Employment Situation.
A one-stop archive of research articles written by CES staff from 1990 forward.
Review the similarities and differences between the CPS and CES surveys, the two BLS monthly employment surveys.
Learn how frequently CES survey respondents pay workers: weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly.
Check out historical CES Highlights from August 2004 forward.
Reference annual CES Benchmark Articles beginning with the March 2002 benchmark.
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