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Current Employment Statistics - CES (National)

CES Strike Report

 Summary of strike activity during CES survey reference pay period, July 2021 (includes strikes of 1,000 workers or more)
Strike Status Number of workers Firm(s) and Locations Labor organization(s) Industry NAICS Code Beginning date Ending date


2,900 Volvo Trucks North America; Dublin, VA UAW Motor vehicles 3361 6/7/2021 --


Charter Communications, Inc. (Spectrum-Time Warner Cable); Bergen, NJ; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, NY Electrical Workers—IBEW Wired telecommunications carriers
Allegheny Technologies Inc.; Louisville, Ohio, Waterbury, CT; Lockport, NY; New Bedford, MA; Brackenridge, Latrobe, Natrona Heights, Vandergrift, Washington, PA USW Machine shops
1,100 Warrior Met Coal, Inc.; Brookwood, AL UMWA Bituminous coal underground mining and anthracite mining 212112 4/1/2021 --


-- -- --

Total on strike


* The data in this report relate to workers directly involved in large strikes who were idle during the entire pay period which includes the 12th of the month. While these figures provide an indicator of the expected impact of large strikes on CES estimates of employment for the current month, they should be used with caution as they are preliminary and possibly incomplete. Also, no adjustments are made for the use of replacement workers. Data are assembled from a variety of sources.
** This report is normally released the Friday before each Employment Situation news release.  

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Understanding strikes in CES estimates

Strikes occurring during CES survey reference period, 1990-present


Last Modified Date: July 30, 2021