Archived CES benchmark articles

Table 1 below provides links to PDF versions of previously released CES Benchmark Articles. The most recently released CES National Benchmark Article is available at or in addition to the link available in the table below.

For more information on CES benchmarks, please see the Benchmarks section of the CES Technical Notes at

Table 1. Links to previously released PDF versions of CES benchmark articles
Benchmark Month Incorporated with the Initial Release of Estimates for Link to PDF (1)

March 2015

January 2016 PDF

March 2014

January 2015 PDF

March 2013

January 2014 PDF

March 2012

January 2013 PDF

March 2011

January 2012 PDF

March 2010

January 2011 PDF

March 2009

January 2010 PDF

March 2008

January 2009 PDF

March 2007

January 2008 PDF

March 2006

January 2007 PDF

March 2005

January 2006 PDF

March 2004

January 2005 PDF

March 2003

January 2004 PDF

March 2002

May 2003 PDF

(1) Unless otherwise specified, sizes of PDF files are less than 1MB.

Last Modified Date: February 5, 2016