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  • Barello, Stephanie Hugie, "Consumers and U.S. employment from the 2007—2009 recession through 2022," Monthly Labor Review, October 2014. (PDF)
  • Toossi, Mitra, "Projections for the labor force to 2050: a visual essay," Monthly Labor Review, October 2012. (PDF)
  • Toossi, Mitra, "A behavioral model for projecting the labor force participation rate," Monthly Labor Review, May 2011, pp. 25-42. (PDF)
  • Byun, Kathryn J., "The U.S. housing bubble and bust: impacts on employment ," Monthly Labor Review, December 2010, pp. 3-17. (PDF)
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  • Toossi, Mitra, "A new look at long-term labor force projections to 2050," Monthly Labor Review, November 2006, pp. 19-39. (PDF)
  • Hecker, Daniel E. and Wyatt, Ian D., "Occupational changes during the 20th Century," Monthly Labor Review, March 2006, pp. 35-57. (PDF)
  • Shniper, Lynn, "Occupational mobility, January 2004," Monthly Labor Review, December 2005, pp. 30-35. (PDF)
  • Hecker, Daniel E., "High-technology employment: a NAICS-based update," Monthly Labor Review, July 2005, pp. 57-72. (PDF)


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