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Industry Output and Employment

This page contains links to the industry output and employment projections files, as well as the historical industry output and employment data used to develop those projections. The projections are available only on a national basis for the year 2029. The historical data are available only on a national basis annually.


The methodology used to project industry output and employment is described on the Employment Projections program's methodology page and in chapter 13 of the BLS Handbook of Methods. (PDF)

Data Tables

All industry tables in a single file (XLSX)

Most Recent Analysis

  • Dubina, Kevin; Kim, Janie-Lynn; Rieley, Michael; and Rolen, Emily, "Projections Overview and Highlights, 2019–29," Monthly Labor Review, Forthcoming 2020.

Other Industry Analysis

Data for Researchers

  • Industry output and employment data for the U.S. economy for historical years, and for the projected year 2029 (ZIP)
  • This file includes:
    • Industry output and employment description
    • Industry sectoring plan
    • Historical industry employment, 1990–2019
    • Historical industry output, 1990–2019
    • Historical commodity output, 1990–2019
    • Projected industry output and employment, 2029

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