Labor Force Projections

BLS provides projections of the labor force, labor force participation rates, and the civilian noninstitutional population by age, gender, race, and ethnic groups.


The methodology used to project the labor force is described in detail on the Employment Projections program's methodology page and in the BLS Handbook of Methods. (PDF)

Data Tables

All labor force tables in a single file (XLSX)

Most Recent Analysis

  • Dubina, Kevin; Kim, Janie-Lynn; Rieley, Michael; and Rolen, Emily, "Projections Overview and Highlights, 2019–29," Monthly Labor Review, Forthcoming 2020.

Other Labor Force Analysis

Data for Researchers

Labor force and civilian noninstitutional population numbers are in thousands. Labor force participation rates are in percent. Data are available for each year by age, gender, race and ethnic origin.

  • Civilian labor force, 2019–29 (XLSX)
  • Labor force participation rates, 2019–29 (XLSX)
  • Civilian noninstitutional population, 2019–29 (XLSX)

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