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Current Employment Statistics - CES (National)

Correction to Vintage Data Files

Corrected vintage data Excel files, including super sector spreadsheets and the vintage template, will be available on April 26, 2024.

Some data in the files cesvin[SS].xlsx (where [SS] is the 2-digit super sector) and cesvin_template.xlsx were incorrect. Several rows of formulas referenced the incorrect cell from the vintage data located in the "triangle" within the same file. The vintage data in the "triangle" are correct, however. The top few rows in light blue return incorrect values for the Data, Revisions, OTM (over the month) Data, and OTM Revisions tabs. Additionally, the Total Revisions and Total OTM Change columns in the Revisions, OTM Data, and OTM Revisions tabs were not pulling complete data. The files were removed on April 19, 2024, and will be republished once corrections are complete.

CES Vintage Data Files:

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Last Modified Date: April 19, 2024