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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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PUMD Documentation

This page contains the documentation for the CE public-use microdata (PUMD) for years starting in 1996. Documentation for years prior to 1996 are available upon request.

All year-specific documentation is now combined in a single document that covers all years starting in 1996. For example, all the Interview and Diary Survey documentation is included in the PUMD Getting Started Guide.

  • PUMD Getting Started Guide provides documentation for the CE PUMD, its conventions, files, and methodology.
  • Dictionary for Interview and Diary Surveys (XLSX) provides variables and codes from 1996 forward.
  • Sample code provides code in SAS, STATA, and R to prepare annual averages using the data in the Interview Survey, Diary Survey, or both surveys (called "Integrated") and the results. For SAS for some years, BLS also provides logs, macros to analyze the data, and an explanation of the macros.

Additional resources

Last Modified Date: August 27, 2019