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National Compensation Survey - Wages

R (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
F727  Resaw man                                  242-249,25
F727  Resaw operator                             242-249,25
H878  Resaw tailer                               242-249,25
F727  Resaw-carriage operator                    242,243
F727  Resawyer                                   242-249,25
A068  Research analyst                           372,376
A234  Research analyst                           81
B022  Research analyst                           Exc. 372,376,81
A223  Research and development technician        20,283
A224  Research and development technician        281,285-289,29,30
A215  Research and development technician        35
A213  Research and development technician        36
A235  Research and development technician        Any not listed above
D323  Research clerk                             All Industries
A097  Research dietitian                         All Industries
A169  Research director                          781-783,792
B015  Research director                          805-809
B014  Research director                          822
B022  Research director                          Any not listed above
A168  Research worker, social welfare            All Industries
A235  Research worker, n. s. (associate degree
        or less)                                 All Industries
B022  Research-development director              291
A083  Researcher, cancer                         All Industries
A235  Researcher, n. s.                          All Industries
D318  Reservation agent                          40-47
D318  Reservation clerk                          40-47
D317  Reservation clerk                          701-704,781-783,791,792,794,799
D318  Reservationist                             40-47,751
D317  Reservationist                             701-704,781-783,791,792,794,799
D337  Reserves clerk                             60,61
A163  Residence counselor                        822
K456  Residence director                         806
A084  Resident                                   806
A084  Resident doctor                            806
A084  Resident interne                           806
A084  Resident physician                         806
A163  Resident-hall director                     822
F766  Residue furnaceman                         33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E565  Resilient-tile installer                   All Industries
F757  Resin maker                                201,28-31(exc.282)
H889  Resin man                                  201
F756  Resin mixer                                328,329
H889  Resin painter                              201
H889  Resin remover                              201
H889  Resin shaver                               201
F783  Resistance welder                          All Industries
F759  Resistor coater                            361,362,364,367,369
F797  Resistor-testing-machine operator          All Industries
F727  Resizer operator                           242,243,245
B017  Resort keeper                              701
A098  Respiratory therapist                      All Industries
A098  Respiratory therapy director               All Industries
A208  Respiratory therapy technician             All Industries
F777  Respooler                                  20,21,23-39
F738  Respooler                                  22
K469  Rest-room attendant                        All Industries
K469  Rest-room maid                             All Industries
K469  Rest-room matron                           All Industries
B017  Restaurateur                               OWN 58
A208  Restoration officer                        806
A208  Restoration technician                     805-809
F713  Restrike-hammer operator                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
C243  Retail grocer                              541
F777  Retanner                                   311
G826  Retarder operator                          40
F766  Retort cooler                              333-339
F766  Retort fireman                             333-339
H883  Retort forker                              281,286,289
H883  Retort loader                              281,286,289
F766  Retort loader                              333-339
F757  Retort man                                 20-39
F757  Retort operator                            20-23,26-31,33-39
F766  Retort pre-cooker                          333-339
F755  Retort pressman                            325,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
H878  Retort unloader                            281,286,289
F766  Retort-furnace operator                    333-339
D363  Retort-load expediter                      All Industries
F735  Retoucher, photoengraving                  27,386,722,726,729,pt73,781-783,792
E649  Retoucher, n. s.                           226
F777  Retreader                                  527,55,752-754
E686  Retrimmer                                  All Industries
D373  Return clerk                               All Industries
D336  Return-to-factory clerk                    All Industries
D337  Returned-item clerk                        60,61
D368  Returned-telephone-equipment appraiser     36
B023  Revenue accountant                         All Industries
B036  Revenue agent                              IRS 93
B005  Revenue collector                          91-97
B005  Revenue director                           91-97
B036  Revenue officer                            FGOV
F777  Revenue stamper                            21
D389  Revenue-stamp clerk                        All Industries
F766  Reverberatory furnaceman                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F766  Reverberatory-furnace operator             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
A176  Reverend                                   866
H889  Reverser, footballs, basketballs, etc.     394
A195  Reviewer                                   27
D336  Reviewer                                   63,64
B036  Reviewer                                   IRS 93
D343  Revising clerk                             All Industries
D336  Revival clerk                              63,64
D365  Revolving-inventory clerk                  All Industries
E684  Reweaver                                   721
F777  Rewinder                                   20,21,23-39
F738  Rewinder                                   22
F777  Rewinder man                               20,21,23-39
F738  Rewinder man                               22
F738  Rewinder operator                          261-263,267
F796  Rework man                                 372,376
A195  Rewrite editor                             All Industries
A195  Rewrite man                                All Industries
A069  Rheologist                                 All Industries
A084  Rheumatologist                             801,803
A084  Rhinologist                                801,803
F785  Rib builder                                372
E686  Rib chopper                                201
F743  Rib cutter                                 225
F739  Rib knitter                                225
E686  Rib puller                                 201
E686  Rib sawyer                                 201
F739  Ribber                                     225
F739  Ribbing-machine operator                   225
F777  Ribbon blockmaker                          22
H889  Ribbon cleaner                             221-224,228,229
F745  Ribbon hand                                313,314
F759  Ribbon inker                               39(exc.394)
F777  Ribbon tier                                All Industries
F739  Ribbon weaver                              22
F738  Ribbon winder                              22
F777  Ribbon winder                              Pen and pencil 39(exc.394)
F777  Ribbon-lapper tender                       22
F763  Rice drier                                 204
F763  Rice-drier operator                        204
I479  Rice-field worker                          01,071,072,075,076
K469  Rickshaw driver                            791,794,799
F757  Riddler                                    21,33-34
F757  Riddler operator                           21,33-34
K459  Ride attendant                             All Industries
K459  Ride man                                   All Industries
K459  Ride operator                              All Industries
I479  Rider                                      01,02,071,072,075,076
G825  Rider                                      12
H496  Rider                                      241
G859  Rider                                      49
F777  Rider-ticket girl                          225
K469  Riding silks custodian                     791,794,799
F777  Riffler man                                261-263
E613  Rig builder                                OWN 13
E599  Rig builder                                PR 13,15-17
G848  Rig operator                               13
E613  Rig superintendent                         13
G843  Rig superintendent                         15-17
H496  Rigger, third                              241
E599  Rigger, n. s.                              13
G848  Rigger, n. s.                              15-17
E515  Rigger, n. s.                              372,45
E527  Rigger, n. s.                              481
E577  Rigger, n. s.                              483,484,491
E547  Rigger, n. s.                              Any not listed above
G848  Rigger-up                                  15-17
G848  Rigging man                                15-17
H496  Rigging slinger                            241
G848  Rigging-up man                             15-17
B018  Right-of-way agent                         All Industries
B018  Right-of-way buyer                         All Industries
H869  Right-of-way clearer                       15-17
H869  Right-of-way cutter                        15-17
H869  Right-of-way man                           40
B018  Right-of-way man                           Exc. 40
H885  Rim buster                                 527,55,752-754
F704  Rim turning machine operator               348,376
E684  Rim-roller operator                        371
F704  Rim-turning finisher                       387
A194  Ring conductor                             All Industries
I488  Ring facer                                 203,514
E647  Ring maker                                 Jewelry 39(exc.394)
F755  Ring making machine operator               261-263
F777  Ring rolling machine operator              301-306
F799  Ring sorter                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F738  Ring spinner                               22
F704  Ring-cutter-lathe operator                 All Industries
H496  Ringer                                     241
H487  Ringman                                    Livestock auction 515
A194  Ringmaster                                 791,794,799
K459  Rink rat                                   791,794,799
K459  Rinkman                                    All Industries
F727  Rip and groove machine operator            All Industries
E686  Rip sawyer                                 201
F727  Rip sawyer                                 Exc. 201
H878  Rip tailer                                 242-249,25
F727  Rip-saw operator                           242-249,25
F757  Ripening-room hand                         282
F757  Ripening-room operator                     282
F727  Ripper                                     242-249,25
F769  Ripper                                     Mfg. exc. 242-249,25
F777  Rippler                                    229
H869  Riprap man                                 15-17
F769  Ripshear operator                          373
H889  Riser                                      331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H496  River                                      241
G828  River captain                              44
H496  River driver                               241
G828  River pilot                                44
H496  River rat                                  241
G829  Riverman                                   15-17,44
H496  Riverman                                   241-243,261-263
F717  Rivet bucker                               All Industries
F717  Rivet catcher                              All Industries
F717  Rivet driver                               All Industries
H869  Rivet flunky                               15-17
F717  Rivet heater                               All Industries
F713  Rivet maker                                All Industries
F717  Rivet passer                               All Industries
F799  Rivet sorter                               20-39
F717  Rivet sticker                              All Industries
F717  Rivet tester                               All Industries
F717  Rivet thrower                              All Industries
F717  Rivet tosser                               All Industries
F706  Rivet-hole puncher                         344
F717  Rivet-machine operator, metal              All Industries
F717  Rivet-machine operator, n. s.              All Industries
F717  Rivet-tapping-machine operator             20-39
F717  Riveter, metal                             All Industries
F717  Riveter, n. s.                             All Industries
F717  Riveting-machine operator, metal           All Industries
D323  Road advisor                               Auto club 861,862,864,865,869
E558  Road boss                                  15-17
H496  Road builder                               241
H869  Road builder                               GOV or PR exc. 241
E617  Road cleaner                               12
B005  Road commissioner                          GOV 15-17
G823  Road conductor                             40
D323  Road consultant                            Auto club 861,862,864,865,869
B022  Road contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E558  Road contractor, exc. administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
H496  Road cutter                                241
G804  Road driver                                421,423
G855  Road grader                                15-17
H869  Road maker                                 All Industries
H869  Road mender                                15-17
H496  Road monkey                                241
E594  Road oiler                                 15-17
G855  Road packer operator                       15-17
H869  Road patcher                               15-17
E689  Road tester                                371
H869  Road worker                                15-17
G844  Road-equipment operator                    15-17
G855  Road-grader operator                       15-17
G855  Road-hogger operator                       15-17
G844  Road-machine operator                      15-17
G844  Road-machine runner                        15-17
G855  Road-machine scraper                       15-17
E594  Road-mixer operator                        15-17
E594  Road-oiling-truck driver                   15-17
G855  Road-patrol driver                         15-17
G855  Road-patrol operator                       15-17
G855  Road-roller operator                       15-17
E599  Road-sign installer                        All Industries
E617  Roadman                                    12
C259  Roadman                                    271
G823  Roadmaster                                 40
G803  Roadmaster                                 41(exc.412)
F766  Roaster                                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F763  Roaster                                    Exc. 33,341-347,349,35-37,40,763,764,
E615  Robber                                     12
D385  Robotype operator                          All Industries
E616  Rock breaker                               14
F795  Rock breaker                               39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
F768  Rock crusher                               10-14
F769  Rock cutter                                14
E617  Rock dust sprayer                          12
E616  Rock duster                                12
E573  Rock lather                                15-17
F777  Rock loader                                361,362,364,367,369
E563  Rock mason                                 15-17
E617  Rock picker                                12
F754  Rock room worker                           All Industries
E617  Rock splitter                              14
F769  Rock splitter                              328,329
F768  Rock-crusher operator                      10-14
F768  Rock-crushing-machine operator             10-14
E598  Rock-drill operator                        10-14
E616  Rock-dust man                              12
E593  Rock-wool applicator                       15-17
E593  Rock-wool insulator                        15-17
E573  Rockboard lather                           15-17
H889  Rocker                                     311
E689  Rocket-engine tester                       376
E617  Rockman                                    12,14
H869  Rockman                                    15-17
H878  Rockman                                    207,209
A215  Rockwell operator                          33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
A215  Rockwell tester                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Rod and tube straightener                  282
E599  Rod buster                                 15-17
F777  Rod drawer                                 33-37(exc.348)
E519  Rod filler                                 40
F707  Rod finisher                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E519  Rod greaser                                13
F785  Rod hanger                                 371
F768  Rod mill tender                            All Industries
H883  Rod piler                                  331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H869  Rod placer                                 15-17
F777  Rod pointer                                33-37(exc.348)
G848  Rod puller                                 13
H869  Rod puller                                 15-17
H889  Rod straightener                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E519  Rod-cup filler                             40
E599  Rod-tie man                                15-17
K455  Rodent exterminator                        All Industries
K455  Rodent-control man                         All Industries
A194  Rodeo performer                            All Industries
A194  Rodeo rider                                791,794,799
H867  Rodman, surveying crew                     All Industries
H867  Rodman, n. s.                              10,12,14-17,40,871
G848  Rodman, n. s.                              13
H878  Rodman, n. s.                              22
F766  Rodman, n. s.                              333-339
A084  Roentgenologist                            801,803
H484  Roguer                                     01,071,072,075,076
F777  Roll bucker                                261-263
F753  Roll builder                               301-306
F777  Roll capper                                261-263
H883  Roll carrier                               22,23,26-31
F738  Roll changer                               301-306
H887  Roll cleaner                               22
F777  Roll coverer                               22
F777  Roll coverer                               Exc. 22
E518  Roll cutter                                204
F769  Roll cutter                                301-306
F744  Roll edge machine operator                 All Industries
F796  Roll examiner                              261-263,267
E518  Roll filler                                311
F754  Roll finisher                              261-263
F709  Roll grinder                               204,301-306,33,341-347,349,35-37,40,
F787  Roll hand                                  33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G859  Roll handler                               261-263
G859  Roll hauler                                22
F777  Roll operator                              281,286,289
F745  Roll operator                              313,314
F777  Roll panner                                205
H887  Roll picker                                22
F777  Roll plugger                               261-263
F777  Roll reclaimer                             267
F707  Roll setter                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F744  Roll sewer                                 22
F777  Roll skinner                               261-263
F769  Roll slicing machine tender                All Industries
F768  Roll tender                                204
F777  Roll tender                                281,286,289
F797  Roll tension tester                        313,314
G859  Roll trucker                               261-263
F707  Roll tube setter                           All Industries
F777  Roll turner                                22
F704  Roll turner                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
D368  Roll weigher                               20-39
F777  Roll wrapper                               261-263
F717  Roll-forming machine operator              All Industries
F707  Roll-forming machine set up operator       All Industries
F768  Roll-grinder man                           265
F709  Roll-grinder operator                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Roll-line operator                         261-263
F777  Roll-machine operator                      205
H889  Roll-on man                                242,243,245
F717  Roll-over press operator                   All Industries
F777  Roll-plugger-machine operator              261-263
F777  Roll-press operator                        301-306
G859  Roll-scale man                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F707  Roll-table operator                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F738  Roll-up-machine operator                   221-224,228
F707  Roller                                     33-37,40,763,764,7692,7699
F758  Roller                                     341,343,347,349
F787  Roller                                     Cigar 21
F777  Roller                                     Mfg. not listed above
E588  Roller                                     Terrazzo 15-17
F796  Roller checker                             22
H887  Roller cleaner                             22
F777  Roller coverer                             22
F768  Roller coverer                             Exc. 22
E649  Roller engraver                            22
F707  Roller leveler                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
F777  Roller machine operator                    22
F707  Roller machine operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Roller maker                               20-39
G855  Roller operator                            15-17
F738  Roller operator                            311
F777  Roller operator                            Hat and cap 231-238
F777  Roller painter                             22
H887  Roller picker                              22
F734  Roller print tender                        All Industries
F777  Roller setter                              22
A199  Roller skater                              791,794,799
F745  Roller stitcher                            313,314
F777  Roller turner                              22
F777  Roller varnisher                           22
K459  Roller-coaster operator                    All Industries
G855  Roller-machine operator                    15-17
F768  Roller-mill operator                       285
F783  Roller-seam welder                         All Industries
H498  Rollerman                                  09
F785  Rollerman                                  10,12
F768  Rollerman                                  204
E699  Rolley man                                 10-14
E699  Rolling attendant                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
F738  Rolling down machine operator              22
F755  Rolling machine operator                   206
F734  Rolling machine operator                   267
F738  Rolling machine tender                     22
K459  Rolling-chair pusher                       791,794,799
F707  Rolling-mill operator                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Rollman                                    281,286,289
H496  Rollway man                                241
E617  Roof bolter                                10,12,14
E579  Roof painter                               15-17
F777  Roof truss builder                         242,243,245
F728  Roof truss machine tender                  242,243,245
E595  Roofer                                     15-17
E595  Roofing applicator                         15-17
B022  Roofing contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E558  Roofing contractor, exc. administrator
        or general manager                       15-17
E595  Roofing layer                              15-17
F777  Roofing-machine operator                   295,299
E628  Room boss                                  12
D317  Room clerk                                 701-704
F777  Room girl                                  22
K449  Room girl                                  701
K449  Room maid                                  701
F777  Room man                                   22
K464  Room-service boy, bell boy                 701
K438  Room-service boy, food service             58,701
K464  Room-service clerk                         701
K469  Rooming-house keeper                       702-704
K469  Rooming-house operator                     702-704
G855  Rooter operator                            15-17
F795  Rooter operator                            Wigs 39(exc.394)
H889  Rope cleaner                               22
F769  Rope cutter                                20-39
F738  Rope machine setter                        All Industries
F777  Rope maker                                 229
F738  Rope maker                                 Exc. 229
G825  Rope rider                                 10-14
H888  Rope tier                                  201
A194  Rope walker                                791,794,799
F738  Rope-laying machine operator               All Industries
F777  Rope-silica machine operator               All Industries
K459  Rope-tow operator                          Ski resort 701,791,794,799
H496  Ropeman                                    241
H496  Roper                                      241
F717  Roper operator                             282
F738  Roping boy                                 22
F738  Roping tender                              22
I476  Rose grower                                GOV,OBI or PR 01
I474  Rose grower                                OBNI 01
H888  Rosin-barrel filler                        281,286,289
H888  Rosin-barrel filler                        373
G856  Ross-carrier driver                        242,243,245
F766  Ross-furnace operator                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G856  Ross-lift operator                         242-249,25
H496  Rosser                                     241
E519  Rotary adjuster                            Envelope 267
E614  Rotary driller                             13
F766  Rotary furnace tender                      261-263,281,286-289
F766  Rotary furnaceman                          281,282,286-289
F705  Rotary head milling machine set-up
        operator                                 All Industries
F766  Rotary kiln operator                       All Industries
F706  Rotary operator                            261-263
F706  Rotary shearman                            All Industries
E594  Rotary soil stabilizer                     15-17
H878  Rotary-cutter feeder                       261-263
F743  Rotary-cutter man                          301-306
F769  Rotary-cutter operator                     261-263
F743  Rotary-cutter operator                     301-306
E614  Rotary-derrick operator                    13
H878  Rotary-drier feeder                        281,282,286-289
F766  Rotary-drier operator                      281,282,286-289
F756  Rotary-drum dyer                           225
F766  Rotary-furnace operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F734  Rotary-lithographic pressman               272-279
F706  Rotary-machine operator                    261-263
E695  Rotary-rig engine operator                 291
E696  Rotary-rig engineman                       13
F734  Rotary-screen printing machine operator    All Industries
F706  Rotary-shear operator                      All Industries
E599  Roto-rooter operator                       All Industries
F734  Rotogravure press operator                 All Industries
F734  Rotogravure pressman                       272-279
F734  Rotoprinter                                272-279
F797  Rotor balancer                             381,382,384,385
E515  Rotor-blade installer                      372
F719  Rotor-casting machine operator             All Industries
F785  Rotor-coil taper                           361,362,364,367,369
H887  Rotor-plate washer                         36
F757  Rouge miller                               3827,384,385
F756  Rouge mixer                                3827,384,385
F757  Rouge sifter                               3827,384,385
F768  Rough and truing machine operator          39(exc.394)
E567  Rough carpenter                            All Industries
F745  Rough rounder                              313,314
F799  Rough-rib grader                           All Industries
F707  Rougher                                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Rougher                                    Any not listed above
F707  Rougher operator                           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F745  Rougher-machine operator                   313,314
E614  Roughneck                                  13
H869  Roughneck                                  Water well drilling 15-17
E686  Round boner                                201
F777  Rounder                                    272-279
F745  Rounder                                    313,314
F769  Rounder                                    Mfg. exc. 272-279,313,314
F777  Rounder hand                               272-279
G824  Roundhouse fireman                         40
E516  Roundhouse man                             40
F777  Rounding-machine operator                  272-279
F769  Rounding-machine operator                  Mfg. exc. 272-279
K426  Roundsman                                  291,40,491
K436  Roundsman                                  58
K418  Roundsman                                  919,92
K426  Roundsman                                  Exc. 919,92
E614  Roustabout                                 10-14
H869  Roustabout                                 15-17
G829  Roustabout                                 44
H889  Roustabout                                 Any not listed above
D364  Route agent                                40
D357  Route aide, telegraph office               482,489
G806  Route attendant                            Vending machine sales 5962
C278  Route boy                                  271,5963
C278  Route carrier                              271,5963
D364  Route clerk                                All Industries
C243  Route contractor                           OWN Newspaper 5963
G806  Route deliveryman                          202,205,208,518,721
G804  Route deliveryman                          Exc. 202,205,208,518,721
G806  Route driver                               202,205,208,518,721
G804  Route driver                               Exc. 202,205,208,518,721
G804  Route jumper                               All Industries
G806  Route rider                                202,205,208,518,721
G804  Route rider                                Exc. 202,205,208,518,721
D364  Route-delivery clerk                       All Industries
G806  Routeman                                   202,205,208,518,721
C243  Routeman                                   OWN Newspaper distribution 5192-5199
C243  Routeman                                   PR 271
G804  Routeman                                   Any not listed above
F726  Router hand, wood                          242-249,25
F786  Router operator, portable                  372,374
F726  Router operator, n. s.                     242-249,25
F705  Router operator, n. s.                     32-39
F714  Router set up operator                     All Industries
F726  Router, wood                               242-249,25
D374  Router, n. s.                              50-59
D364  Routing clerk                              60-62,67
D327  Routing clerk                              832,835,839
D348  Routing operator                           481
G859  Routing-equipment tender                   204
F704  Routing-machine operator                   32-39
F777  Rover                                      22
F777  Rover tender                               22
H883  Roving boy                                 22
H883  Roving carrier                             22
F738  Roving changer                             22
H883  Roving girl                                22
H883  Roving hand                                22
H883  Roving hauler                              22
F777  Roving marker                              22
F738  Roving winder, fiberglass                  All Industries
F777  Roving-can tender                          22
F738  Roving-frame tender                        22
F777  Roving-machine operator                    361,362,364,367,369
I477  Row boss, hoeing                           01,071,072,075,076
F759  Rubber                                     25,371
F789  Rubber                                     267
K469  Rubber                                     722,729
F759  Rubber                                     Casket 39(exc.394)
E519  Rubber & plastics worker                   All Industries
A073  Rubber chemist                             All Industries
A224  Rubber compounder, formulator              301-306
F756  Rubber compounder, mixer                   301-306
F793  Rubber engraver                            27
E684  Rubber engraver                            39(exc.394)
F768  Rubber grinder                             301-306
F756  Rubber mixer                               301-306
F755  Rubber mold maker                          All Industries
F755  Rubber molder                              All Industries
F777  Rubber pressman                            301-306
F777  Rubber printing machine operator           All Industries
F769  Rubber splicer                             All Industries
E689  Rubber tester                              301-306
F738  Rubber thread spooler                      All Industries
F769  Rubber trimmer                             301-306
F758  Rubber tubing splicer                      All Industries
F704  Rubber turner                              39(exc.394)
F764  Rubber washer                              301-306
F777  Rubber worker                              301-306
E565  Rubber-block layer                         15-17
F777  Rubber-covering-machine operator           20-39
F745  Rubber-down                                313,314
F789  Rubber-down                                321-323
F755  Rubber-mill operator                       20-39
H878  Rubber-roller grinder                      39(exc.394)
E684  Rubber-stamp maker                         39(exc.394)
E565  Rubber-tile-floor layer                    15-17
F766  Rubber-tire curer                          301
F766  Rubber-vulcanizing-machine operator        All Industries
F709  Rubbing-bed operator                       328,329
H875  Rubbish collector, exc. truck driver       All Industries
G804  Rubbish collector, truck driver            All Industries
G804  Rubbish-truck driver                       All Industries
H869  Rubble placer                              15-17
F789  Rubman                                     325
F744  Ruffling-machine operator                  231-238
F748  Rug cleaner                                227,721
F777  Rug cleaner                                Exc. 227,721
F786  Rug clipper                                All Industries
F743  Rug cutter                                 221-224,227,228
A185  Rug designer                               227
F748  Rug dyer                                   721
F739  Rug hooker                                 227
E566  Rug layer                                  All Industries
C274  Rug measurer                               531,571,721
F748  Rug renovator                              721
F748  Rug sizer                                  721
F739  Rug weaver                                 227
F777  Ruleman                                    267
F777  Ruler                                      26,27
B027  Rules examiner                             40
H878  Ruling-machine feeder                      27
F777  Ruling-machine operator                    267
E686  Rumper                                     201
H889  Runner man                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
K438  Runner, food order delivery                58,701
F777  Runner-on                                  225
F777  Runner-out                                 27
K464  Runner, package delivery, room service     701
H883  Runner, n. s.                              201
F777  Runner, n. s.                              27
G804  Runner, n. s.                              527,55,752-754
D357  Runner, n. s.                              60-62,67
G806  Rural carrier                              PR 271
A168  Rural sociologist                          All Industries
A174  Rural-health consultant                    Dept. of Agriculture 96
D355  Rural-letter carrier                       43
D355  Rural-mail carrier                         43
D355  Rural-route-mail carrier                   43
F785  Rush seater                                25
F759  Rust proofer                               371,527,55,752-754
E567  Rustic-fence builder                       All Industries
E567  Rustic-furniture maker                     All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001