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Time use

">How high school students use time: a visual essay 11/01/2008
  • Time use of working parents: a visual essay 06/01/2008
  • ">Teachers’ work patterns: when, where, and how much do U.S. teachers work? 03/01/2008
  • Comparing childcare measures in the ATUS and earlier time-diary studies 05/01/2007
  • How do older Americans spend their time? 05/01/2007
  • Teen time use and parental education: evidence from the CPS, MTF, and ATUS 05/01/2007
  • Variations in time use at stages of the life cycle. 09/01/2005
  • Developing the American Time Use Survey activity classification system 06/01/2005
  • What can time-use data tell us about hours of work? 12/01/2004
  • Planning, designing, and executing the BLS American Time-Use Survey 10/01/2004
  • Synchronicity in the work schedules of working couples 04/01/2002
  • Measuring the complexity of hours at work: the weekly work grid 04/01/2002
  • Measuring time use in households with more than one person 02/01/2002
  • The American Time Use Survey: cognitive pretesting 02/01/2002
  • Measuring intrahousehold allocation of time: response to Anne E. Winkler 02/01/2002
  • Trade-weighted dollar



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