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Health and insurance plans

Health care

">Health care and prescription drug spending by seniors 03/01/2003
  • Variable Pay in the BLS National Compensation Survey 01/30/2003
  • Using the Employment Cost Index to adjust Medicare payments 10/01/2002
  • Preventive care provisions, other benefits: are they described in plan documents? 10/01/2002
  • Compensation in the later part of the century 09/01/2001
  • Managed Care Plans and Managed Care Features: Data from the EBS to the NCS 03/01/2001
  • Joint Local Labor-management Safety and Health Committee Provisions in Private Sector Collective Bargaining Agreements 12/01/2000
  • Have Life Insurance Benefits Kept Pace With Wages? 09/01/2000
  • Insurance and Retirement Benefits in the Salt Lake City-Ogden, UT, and Toledo, OH, Construction Industries 09/01/2000
  • Special Services in the Employer-sponsored Health Plans, 1993 and 1997 06/01/2000
  • Economic and social conditions of children and the elderly 04/01/2000
  • Insurance and Retirement Benefits in the Jacksonville, Florida Construction Industry 09/01/1999
  • Health services industry: still a job machine? 03/01/1999
  • Health Insurance Provisions Captured by the EBS and the NCS 03/01/1999
  • Trends in Health Insurance Costs 03/01/1999
  • ">Persons with disabilities: Demographic, income, and health care characteristics, 1993 09/01/1998
  • Prescription drug prices for the elderly 09/01/1998
  • Dental Care Benefits, 1995 06/01/1998
  • Hospital Room and Board Benefits 06/01/1998
  • Overview of the NCS: Summer 1998 06/01/1998
  • Employee Medical Care Contributions on the Rise 03/01/1998
  • Are Health Industry Compensation Costs a Factor Influencing Employer Health Care Costs? 12/01/1997
  • Employee Contribution for Medical Care Coverage 09/01/1996
  • Changing Survey Strategies in the Evolution of Health Care Plans 09/01/1996
  • Trends in out-of-pocket spending on health care, 1980-92 12/01/1995
  • Who really has access to employer-provided health benefits? 06/01/1995
  • Hospital staffing patterns in urban and nonurban areas 03/01/1995
  • Health benefits coverage among male workers 03/01/1995
  • The effects of health insurance on consumer spending 03/01/1995
  • Home-sweet-home health care 03/01/1995
  • Drugs manufacturing: a prescription for jobs 03/01/1995
  • Health care alternatives: employment and occupations in 2005 04/01/1994
  • OECD social ministries focus on rising pension, health costs 02/01/1989
  • Employer-sponsored vision care brought into focus 09/01/1988
  • Health insurance trends in cost control and coverage 09/01/1986
  • Employment in health services: long-term trends and projections 08/01/1986
  • Hospital employment under revised medicare payment schedules 08/01/1986
  • BLS and Alice Hamilton: pioneers in industrial health 06/01/1986
  • ILO adopts new standards on health services, labor data 12/01/1985
  • Trends in major medical coverage during a period of rising costs 07/01/1983
  • HMOs and other health plans: coverage and employee premiums 06/01/1983
  • How women’s health affects labor force attachment 04/01/1982
  • Labor and material requirements for hospital construction 03/01/1982
  • ">Health services industry: a decade of expansion 05/01/1981

    Health insurance


    Hispanic workers

    ">The growing presence of Hispanics in the U.S. work force 08/01/1988
  • Recent recessions swell ranks of the long-term unemployed 02/01/1984
  • Select commission suggests changes in immigration policy - a review essay 02/01/1982
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