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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Dis‐dy (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
B005  Disability examiner                        91-97
D343  Disability rater                           Veterans Administration 94
E505  Disassembler, autos                        All Industries
H889  Disassembler, n. s.                        5093
D323  Disbursement clerk                         60,61
C276  Disbursement clerk                         Exc. 60,61
C276  Disbursing agent                           All Industries
C276  Disbursing officer                         All Industries
A198  Disc jockey                                All Industries
A235  Disc recordist                             All Industries
F709  Disc sander                                All Industries
F717  Discharge-door man                         331
F717  Discharging-machine operator               493
A193  Discotheque dancer                         All Industries
D337  Discount clerk                             60,61
F777  Dish maker                                 326
K444  Dish stacker                               58
K438  Dish-up girl                               Cafeteria 58
L407  Dishwasher                                 88
K444  Dishwasher                                 Exc. 88
H887  Dishwashing-machine operator               205
K444  Dishwashing-machine operator               Exc. 205
H889  Disintegrator feeder                       285
F759  Disintegrator man                          326
F757  Disintegrator operator                     208
F709  Disk grinder                               371
F777  Disk operator                              261-263
F709  Disk sander                                All Industries
F709  Disk sharpener                             763,764,7692,7699
H889  Dismantler                                 5093
D359  Dispatch clerk                             All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, aircraft                       All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, automobile or truck rental     All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, bus and trolley, exc. 
        inspecting                               All Industries
B036  Dispatcher, bus and trolley, inspecting    All Industries
B021  Dispatcher, chief, administrative          13,291,46,492,496
E628  Dispatcher, chief, exc. administrative     13,291,46,492,496
D307  Dispatcher, chief, service or work         491,493
D363  Dispatcher, clerk                          40
D359  Dispatcher, engine                         40
D359  Dispatcher, fire fighters, exc. forest     All Industries
A228  Dispatcher, fire fighters, forest          All Industries
A227  Dispatcher, flight tower                   45
D359  Dispatcher, garbage truck                  495
E695  Dispatcher, load                           491,493
D359  Dispatcher, maintenance services           All Industries
D363  Dispatcher, material                       All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, oil                            13,291
D353  Dispatcher, oil                            46
D359  Dispatcher, oil well services              291
D363  Dispatcher, order                          All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, police radio                   92
D363  Dispatcher, production                     All Industries
E694  Dispatcher, radioactive-waste-disposal     281,286-289
G823  Dispatcher, railroad, exc. inspecting      All Industries
B036  Dispatcher, railroad, inspecting           All Industries
D353  Dispatcher, relay                          46
D359  Dispatcher, relay                          492,496
D359  Dispatcher, security guards                All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, service or work, exc. 
        lineman                                  Exc. 491,493
D327  Dispatcher, service or work, lineman       491,493
D359  Dispatcher, ship pilot                     44
D359  Dispatcher, taxicab                        412
D359  Dispatcher, tow truck                      All Industries
A227  Dispatcher, tower                          45
D359  Dispatcher, traffic or system              40,41(exc.412)
D359  Dispatcher, truck                          All Industries
D359  Dispatcher, tugboat                        44
A228  Dispatcher, n. s.                          08,483,484
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          10-14,291,44,46,481,482,489,7381,7382
E628  Dispatcher, n. s.                          15-17,324,327
E694  Dispatcher, n. s.                          281,285,286,289
G823  Dispatcher, n. s.                          40
G803  Dispatcher, n. s.                          411,413-417, exc. ambulance
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          412
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          421,423
A227  Dispatcher, n. s.                          45,91,93-97
E695  Dispatcher, n. s.                          491,493
E699  Dispatcher, n. s.                          492,496
G803  Dispatcher, n. s.                          50-59
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          92
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          Ambulance 41(exc.412)
D363  Dispatcher, n. s.                          Mfg. not listed above
D359  Dispatcher, n. s.                          Ready-mixed concrete 324,327
K446  Dispensary attendant                       806
E677  Dispenser                                  Optical co. 593,5948,5993-5,5999
F777  Dispenser operator                         283
E677  Dispensing optician                        All Industries
A185  Display artist                             52-59
A185  Display coordinator                        52-59
A185  Display designer                           All Industries
A185  Display director                           52-59
E676  Display maker                              39(exc.394)
A185  Display man, free lance                    732,733,735,7383-7389
A185  Display man, n. s.                         27,39,50-59,732,733,735,7383-7389
A185  Display man, n. s.                         Commercial art co. 732,733,735,7383-7389
A185  Display trimmer                            52-59
F777  Display-screen fabricator                  361,362,364,367,369
A185  Displayer, merchandise                     All Industries
H875  Disposal man                               495
E694  Disposal operator                          495
E694  Disposal plant operator                    494,495,497
D364  Disposition clerk                          40
F757  Dissolver operator                         281,286,289
F757  Distillation operator                      208
F757  Distiller                                  20-39
H495  Distillery laborer                         08
F757  Distillery man                             PR 208
H495  Distillery worker                          08
F757  Distillery worker                          PR 208
H889  Distresser                                 25
G804  Distributed directories                    Directory distribution 732,733,735,
C259  Distribution agent                         517
D354  Distribution clerk                         43
D356  Distribution clerk                         Exc. 43
A213  Distribution planner                       491
E555  Distribution superintendent                491-493,496
A213  Distribution technician                    491
D337  Distribution-accounting clerk              491
G859  Distributor                                221-224,228,281,282,284,286-289
G859  Distributor                                231-238,242,243,245,331,332,pt333,334,
D354  Distributor                                43
C243  Distributor                                50,51
F748  Distributor                                721
D357  Distributor                                731
C277  Distributor                                Cosmetics 5963
G806  Distributor                                PR 271
H889  Distributor cleaner                        21
G804  Distributor operator                       15-17
C277  Distributor, door to door selling          5963
C277  Distributor, party plan selling            5963
C243  District adviser                           Newspaper 271
C253  District agent                             63,64
D376  District agent                             Exc. 63,64
A178  District attorney                          All Industries
A079  District conservationist                   All Industries
A159  District extension service agent           All Industries
E628  District gager                             13,291,46,492,493,496
B021  District leader                            Girl or Boy Scouts 861,862,864,865,869
B021  District or district office director       832,833,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
K416  District ranger                            08
A176  District superintendent                    Church 866
B022  District traffic chief                     481
B022  District wire chief                        481
B022  District-commercial superintendent         481
B022  District-plant superintendent              481
I479  Ditch cleaner                              01,02,071,072,075,076
H889  Ditch cleaner                              Exc. 01,02,071,072,075,076
I479  Ditch digger                               01,02,071,072,075,076
H869  Ditch digger                               15-17
I479  Ditch rider                                01,02,071,072,075,076
H869  Ditch rider                                Exc. 01,02,071,072,075,076
I479  Ditch tender                               01,02,071,072,075,076
G859  Ditch tender                               Exc. 01,02,071,072,075,076
H889  Ditch worker                               49
I479  Ditcher                                    01,02,071,072,075,076
H869  Ditcher                                    Exc. 01,02,071,072,075,076
G855  Ditcher operator                           All Industries
G855  Ditching-machine operator                  All Industries
D345  Ditto-machine operator                     All Industries
H498  Diver                                      09
A199  Diver                                      Exc. 09
F777  Diver pumper                               All Industries
F777  Diver's tender                             All Industries
D337  Dividend-deposit-voucher clerk             63,64
F755  Divider man                                205
F755  Divider operator                           205
F755  Dividing machine operator                  205
A177  Divine healer                              866
B022  Division chief                             832,833,836,839
B005  Division chief                             FGOV
A177  Division commander                         Salvation Army 832,839
B021  Division director                          832,833,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B013  Division head                              52-59
B022  Division roadmaster                        40
B022  Division-toll-wire chief                   481
B022  Division-traffic superintendent            481
D365  Divisional storekeeper                     40
F759  Dixonac operator                           36
F727  Do-all operator                            Machine shop 355,356,358,359
F739  Dobby-loom weaver                          22
E615  Dobie man                                  10
A165  Docent coordinator                         84
G843  Dock boss                                  44
E567  Dock builder                               15-17
E547  Dock hand                                  373
G859  Dock hand                                  44
G828  Dock hand                                  45
H883  Dock hand                                  Any not listed above
B022  Dock superintendent                        All Industries
E628  Dockmaster                                 373
B022  Dockmaster                                 Exc. 373
A084  Doctor                                     801,803
A089  Doctor of chiropractic                     8041
A085  Doctor of dental surgery                   802
A084  Doctor of medicine                         801,803
A084  Doctor of osteopathy                       801,803
A096  Doctor of pharmacy                         All Industries
A088  Doctor of podiatric medicine               8043,8049
A088  Doctor of podiatry                         8043,8049
A086  Doctor of veterinary medicine              All Industries
A087  Doctor-of optometry                        All Industries
D335  Document clerk                             All Industries
D347  Document photographer                      All Industries
A184  Documentation writer                       All Industries
A184  Documentation writer specialist            All Industries
D339  Documentation-billing clerk                40,41,421,423,44,45
H878  Doffer                                     22
H487  Dog barber                                 071,072,075,076,593,5948,5993-5,5999
H487  Dog bather                                 All Industries
H487  Dog beautician                             071,072,075,076,593,5948,5993-5,5999
H487  Dog boarder                                OWN 071,072,075,076
K427  Dog catcher                                92
H487  Dog groomer                                All Industries
H487  Dog hair clipper                           All Industries
A194  Dog handler                                791,794,799
D389  Dog licenser                               All Industries
I475  Dog raiser                                 GOV,OBI or PR 01,02
I473  Dog raiser                                 OBNI 02
A194  Dog trainer                                791,794,799
K469  Dog walker                                 All Industries
K427  Dog warden                                 92
F769  Dog-food-shredder operator                 20-39
H496  Dogger                                     241
H889  Dogger                                     242,243,245
F785  Doll dresser                               394
F785  Doll maker                                 394
E547  Doll surgeon                               394
H889  Doll-wig hackler                           394
F744  Doll-wig maker                             394
G856  Dolly driver                               20-39
H889  Dolly pusher                               483,484
F729  Dollyman                                   15-17,373
H889  Dollyman                                   Exc. 15-17,373
F719  Domer                                      261-263
L407  Domestic maid                              88
E516  Donkey doctor                              All Industries
G824  Donkey-engine fireman                      All Industries
K459  Donkey-ride operator                       791,794,799
K469  Door attendant                             All Industries
H889  Door boy                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
K459  Door boy                                   781-783,792
F785  Door builder                               242,243,245
K456  Door captain                               701-704
F728  Door clamper                               242-249,25
F727  Door cutter                                242,243
F785  Door fitter                                371
F785  Door framer                                341,343,347,349
K459  Door girl                                  781-783,792
E567  Door hanger                                15-17
F785  Door hanger                                371
E567  Door installer                             15-17
E563  Door liner                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Door liner                                 371
F717  Door machine operator                      Coke 331
H889  Door opener                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Door operator                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Door paneler                               371
F785  Door patcher                               242,243,245
H889  Door puller                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
K469  Door tender                                65,701
K459  Door tender                                781-783,792
K426  Door tender                                Any not listed above
F777  Door trimmer                               371
F785  Door-frame builder                         242,243,245
F785  Doormaker                                  242,243,245,321-323,341,343,344,347,349
E567  Doormaker                                  374,40,41(exc.412),47
K469  Doorman                                    52-59,65,701,722,729
K459  Doorman                                    781-783,791,792,794,799
K426  Doorshaker                                 7381,7382
G859  Dope boy                                   341,343,345,347,349
F777  Dope dry-house operator                    281,286,289
F756  Dope mixer                                 All Industries
H869  Dope pourer                                15-17
G859  Dope runner                                22
H889  Dope sprayer                               311
F759  Dope sprayer                               372,376
F798  Dope-weigh operator                        Explosives 281,286,289
H869  Dopeman                                    15-17
F759  Dopeman                                    372,376
E519  Dopeman                                    40
F774  Doper                                      27,pt34,722,729,pt73,781-783,792
H889  Doper                                      311
F745  Doper                                      313,314
F759  Doper                                      372,376
E519  Doper                                      374,40
K469  Dormitory counselor                        822
K469  Dormitory keeper                           All Industries
K449  Dormitory maid                             702-704,822
F757  Dorr operator                              206
E677  Dotter                                     3827,384-386
F777  Double backer                              261-263
F744  Double seater                              225
F777  Double-back operator                       261-263
F744  Double-head-machine operator               20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Double-head-machine operator               313,314
F744  Double-needle operator                     20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Double-needle operator                     313,314
F744  Double-needle stitcher                     20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Double-needle stitcher                     313,314
F709  Double-reamer operator                     3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
F777  Double-surface operator                    242-249,25
F777  Doubler                                    22
F777  Doubler operator                           22
F777  Doubler operator                           Exc. 22
F777  Doubling-machine operator                  22
F756  Dough brake machine operator               205
F756  Dough braker                               205
F777  Dough catcher                              205
E688  Dough cutter                               All Industries
E688  Dough machine operator                     205,546
E687  Dough maker                                205,207,209
F756  Dough mixer                                205,207,209,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
F777  Dough molder                               205
F777  Dough panner                               205
F777  Dough puncher                              205
F777  Dough raiser                               205
E688  Dough-cutting-machine operator             205
F756  Dough-mixing-machine operator              205
E687  Doughman                                   205
F777  Doughnut fryer                             205
F777  Doughnut glazier                           205
F795  Doughnut maker                             205
F777  Doughnut-machine operator                  205
F777  Doup man                                   22
F728  Dovetail machine operator                  All Industries
F728  Dovetailer                                 All Industries
F777  Dowel inserting machine operator           All Industries
F777  Dowel maker                                242-249,25
F727  Dowel pointer                              All Industries
F777  Dowel-machine operator                     20-39
H869  Dowel-pin man                              15-17
F777  Doweler                                    242-249,25
L407  Downstairs maid                            88
G855  Dozer man                                  All Industries
G855  Dozer operator                             All Industries
D389  Drafting clerk                             All Industries
A217  Draftsman                                  All Industries
A217  Draftswoman                                All Industries
F727  Drag sawyer                                All Industries
H498  Drag seiner                                09
H889  Drag-down                                  331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Drag-down man                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Drag-out man                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Dragger-out                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E519  Dragline oiler                             All Industries
G853  Dragline operator                          All Industries
G859  Dragman                                    324,327
F727  Dragsaw operator                           All Industries
H889  Drain cleaner                              495
E599  Drain layer                                15-17
E599  Drain tiler                                15-17
H889  Drainer man                                261-263
H889  Drainman                                   10-14
A187  Drama director                             781-783,792
B034  Dramatic agent                             781-783,792
A157  Dramatic coach                             821
A137  Dramatic coach                             822
A187  Dramatic coach                             Exc. 821,822
A195  Dramatic critic                            271
A187  Dramatic director                          781-783,792
A187  Dramatic reader                            781-783,792
A183  Dramatist                                  899
F796  Draper                                     231-238
E684  Draper                                     483,484,781-783,792
A185  Draper                                     531,533,539,56(exc.566),5949
C274  Drapery counselor                          531,571,5949
F769  Drapery cutter                             531,571,5949
C274  Drapery estimator                          52-59
F796  Drapery examiner                           20-39
F748  Drapery hand                               721
E599  Drapery hanger                             All Industries
E599  Drapery installer                          571
F744  Drapery maker                              20-39
E666  Drapery maker                              Exc. 20-39
K449  Drapery man                                701-704
F744  Drapery operator                           All Industries
F744  Drapery seamstress                         20-39
E666  Drapery seamstress                         Exc. 20-39
A217  Draughtsman                                All Industries
C276  Draw operator                              47
F777  Draw string knotter                        All Industries
K425  Draw tender                                40
F777  Draw-end hand                              22
F724  Draw-fire operator                         33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Draw-frame operator                        22
F777  Draw-frame runner                          22
F777  Draw-frame tender                          22
F777  Draw-machine operator                      20-39
E686  Draw-off man                               201
F706  Draw-press operator                        20-39
F755  Drawbench operator                         20-39
G834  Drawbridge operator                        47
G834  Drawbridge tender                          47
F777  Drawer                                     22
H889  Drawer                                     325,326
F777  Drawer                                     Exc. 22,325,326
F785  Drawer fitter                              25
F795  Drawer liner                               239
F785  Drawer maker                               25
F785  Drawer upfitter                            25
F789  Drawer waxer                               All Industries
F777  Drawer-in                                  22
A217  Drawing checker                            372,376
F777  Drawing hand                               22
F755  Drawing kiln operator                      321-323
F777  Drawing tender                             22
A217  Drawing tracer                             All Industries
F777  Drawing-box tender                         221-224,228
F777  Drawing-frame tender                       22
F777  Drawing-in hand                            22
F739  Drawing-in machine tender                  22
F777  Drawing-machine operator                   22
F755  Drawing-machine operator                   321-323
F706  Drawing-press operator                     20-39
F777  Drawstring knotter                         All Industries
G804  Dray-truck driver                          421,423
G859  Drayman                                    421,423
G828  Dredge captain                             15-17
G829  Dredge deckhand                            15-17
G829  Dredge hand                                15-17
G853  Dredge leverman                            All Industries
G828  Dredge mate                                15-17
G853  Dredge operator                            All Industries
H869  Dredge pipeman                             15-17
E696  Dredge pumpman                             15-17
G829  Dredge worker                              15-17
G828  Dredgemaster                               15-17
H498  Dredger                                    09
F764  Drencher                                   311
E667  Dress cutter                               231-238
A185  Dress designer                             All Industries
F777  Dress draper                               225
F796  Dress draper                               231-238
F744  Dress finisher                             231-238
F744  Dress fitter                               231-238
E666  Dress fitter                               Exc. 231-238
F744  Dress operator                             231-238
F709  Dresser                                    13
E675  Dresser                                    14,328,329
H889  Dresser                                    201,514
K469  Dresser                                    781-783,792
F738  Dresser tender                             22
F777  Dressing-machine operator                  21
K469  Dressing-room porter                       All Industries
F744  Dressmaker                                 231-238
E666  Dressmaker                                 Exc. 231-238
F763  Drier                                      20
H878  Drier                                      22,23
F748  Drier                                      721
F766  Drier                                      Any not listed above
H878  Drier attendant                            231-238
H878  Drier feeder                               20-29,301,308,31-39
F766  Drier feeder                               302-306
F763  Drier operator                             20
H878  Drier operator                             22,23
F748  Drier operator                             721
F766  Drier operator                             Any not listed above
G859  Drier-take-off tender                      36
H869  Drifter                                    15-17
F777  Drifter                                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E615  Driftman                                   12
F709  Drill grinder                              All Industries
E598  Drill hand                                 All Industries
E616  Drill man                                  10,12,14
E614  Drill man                                  13
E598  Drill man                                  15-17
E647  Drill operator, jewelry                    All Industries
F708  Drill operator, metal                      All Industries
F755  Drill operator, optical goods              All Industries
F777  Drill operator, wood                       All Industries
E614  Drill operator, n. s.                      13
E598  Drill operator, n. s.                      15-17
F777  Drill operator, n. s.                      Exc. 13,15-17
F708  Drill press set-up-operator                All Industries
F708  Drill presser                              All Industries
F708  Drill pressman                             All Industries
E598  Drill runner                               All Industries
F708  Drill-press hand                           All Industries
F708  Drill-press operator                       All Industries
F708  Drill-punch operator                       All Industries
E616  Driller                                    10,12,14
E614  Driller                                    13
E598  Driller                                    15-17
F708  Driller                                    373
F755  Driller                                    Optical goods 3827,384,385
F708  Driller and reamer                         373,39(exc.394)
E613  Drilling contractor                        13
E613  Drilling superintendent                    13
E647  Drilling-machine operator, jewelry         All Industries
F708  Drilling-machine operator, metal           All Industries
F755  Drilling-machine operator, optical goods   All Industries
F777  Drilling-machine operator, wood            All Industries
E616  Drilling-machine operator, n. s.           10,12,14
E614  Drilling-machine operator, n. s.           13
E598  Drilling-machine operator, n. s.           15-17
F777  Drilling-machine operator, n. s.           Exc. 10-14,15-17
E616  Drilling-machine runner                    10-14
K434  Drink mixer                                58
F785  Drip molder                                371
G804  Drip pumper                                491-493,496
H889  Drip-box tender                            204
H885  Drive man                                  527,55,752-754
G809  Drive-away driver                          371
G809  Drive-away man                             371
D383  Drive-in teller                            60,61
K459  Drive-in theater attendant                 781-783,792
F717  Drivematic machine operator                All Industries
B005  Driver's license examiner                  All Industries
G809  Driver, delivering new autos               551,552
K417  Driver, fire engine                        All Industries
G804  Driver, milk pickup                        202,40,421,423
G804  Driver, pick-up                            40,421,423
G809  Driver-chauffeur                           All Industries
K426  Driver-guard                               Armored Car Co. 7381,7382
G804  Driver-mechanic                            43
G806  Driver-salesperson                         All Industries
G806  Driver-serviceman, vending machine         All Industries
G809  Driver-utility worker                      371
H889  Driver, n. s.                              201
G806  Driver, n. s.                              202,205,208,271,518,5962,5963,721
H496  Driver, n. s.                              241
G809  Driver, n. s.                              411,413-417, exc. bus co
G809  Driver, n. s.                              412,483-4,60-67,70,7219,722-9,
G804  Driver, n. s.                              43,45,481,482,489,525,526,58,591-594,
D329  Driver, n. s.                              Bookmobile 823
G808  Driver, n. s.                              Bus co. 41(exc.412)
G804  Driver, n. s.                              Any not listed above
C276  Drivers'-cash clerk                        41,421,423
H885  Driveway attendant                         554
F713  Drop forger                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Drop man                                   242,243,245
F797  Drop tester                                28
F777  Drop wirer                                 22
D359  Drop-board man                             7381,7382
F713  Drop-forge hand                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Drop-forge operator                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Drop-hammer man                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Drop-hammer operator                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E516  Drop-pit man                               40
F777  Drop-press hand                            341,343,345-347,349,39
F777  Drop-wire aliner                           All Industries
F777  Drop-wire boy                              22
F777  Drop-wire girl                             22
H889  Drop-wire hanger                           22
F777  Drop-wire man                              22
F777  Drop-wire operator                         22
G859  Dropper                                    10-14
F713  Dropper                                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Dropper                                    Any not listed above
E696  Drosophere man                             22
F756  Dross puller                               333-339
F717  Dross skimmer                              All Industries
H889  Drosser                                    333-339
H889  Drossman                                   333-339
A174  Drug abuse counselor, associate degree 
        or higher                                All Industries
K446  Drug abuse counselor, less than 
        associate degree                         All Industries
C274  Drug clerk                                 541,591
A174  Drug counselor, associate degree or 
        higher                                   All Industries
K446  Drug counselor, less than associate 
        degree                                   All Industries
C277  Drug dealer                                5963
C277  Drug pusher                                5963
F777  Drug-department worker                     283
F756  Drug-room clerk                            22
A096  Druggist                                   591
A089  Drugless doctor                            8043,8049
A089  Drugless physician                         8043,8049
F756  Drugman                                    22
F777  Drum attendant                             22
F777  Drum builder                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G859  Drum carrier                               281,284,286-289
H887  Drum cleaner                               20-39
F763  Drum drier                                 Cereal 204
F766  Drum drier operator                        281,286,289
F777  Drum drier operator                        Exc. 281,286,289
F754  Drum filler                                All Industries
H883  Drum handler                               301-306
F777  Drum maker                                 All Industries
F774  Drum man                                   781-783,792
F777  Drum man                                   Exc. 781-783,792
F769  Drum operator                              20-39
F777  Drum printer                               227
H496  Drum puller                                241
F709  Drum sander                                All Industries
F759  Drum sprayer                               All Industries
F707  Drum straightener                          All Industries
F777  Drum tender                                22
F727  Drum-saw operator                          All Industries
F777  Drummer                                    231-238,311
A186  Drummer                                    781-783,792
K453  Dry boss                                   10-14
F777  Dry cell sealer                            All Industries
E689  Dry cell tester                            All Industries
F748  Dry cleaner                                721
F747  Dry cleaner                                Exc. 721
F777  Dry finisher                               Woolen 221-224, 228
K453  Dry man                                    10-14
F756  Dry mixer                                  28
F719  Dry molder                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E584  Dry plasterer                              15-17
F755  Dry press operator                         325
F777  Dry roller                                 311
F748  Dry room attendant                         Rug cleaning 721
F709  Dry sander                                 371
F756  Dry starch operator                        204
F757  Dry starch operator                        Exc. 204
E573  Dry waller                                 All Industries
F766  Dry-box operator                           281,286,289
F777  Dry-box operator                           Mfg. exc. 281,286,289
F777  Dry-box tender                             22
F777  Dry-can man                                22
F777  Dry-can tender                             22
H878  Dry-chain operator                         242,243
H878  Dry-chain puller                           242,243
H878  Dry-chain worker                           242,243
F764  Dry-charge process attendant               All Industries
C275  Dry-cleaning attendant                     721
F796  Dry-cleaning checker                       721
F748  Dry-cleaning-machine operator              721
F756  Dry-color mixer                            285
A224  Dry-color tester                           285
F795  Dry-cure man                               201
H889  Dry-dip man                                311
F777  Dry-drug man                               22
F777  Dry-end operator                           281,282,284,286-289
C264  Dry-goods clerk                            531,533,539,56(exc.566),5949
F777  Dry-house attendant                        242-249,25
F777  Dry-house attendant                        281,286,289
K453  Dry-house man                              10-14
F777  Dry-house man                              Exc. 10-14
F777  Dry-house operator                         281,282,286-289,333-339
G859  Dry-house wheeler                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Dry-house worker                           203
F777  Dry-ice maker                              281,286,289
F777  Dry-ice-machine operator                   281,286,289
H878  Dry-kiln feeder                            242-249,25
H878  Dry-kiln loader                            242-249,25
H889  Dry-kiln man                               All Industries
F766  Dry-kiln operator                          242-249,25,325
F766  Dry-mill man                               325
F768  Dry-pan operator                           325
E616  Dry-placer-machine operator                10,12,14
F719  Dry-sand molder                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G848  Dry-transfer man                           242-249,25
E573  Dry-wall applicator                        All Industries
E573  Dry-wall finisher                          All Industries
E573  Dry-wall hanger                            All Industries
E573  Dry-wall installer                         All Industries
E573  Dry-wall man                               All Industries
E573  Dry-wall sander                            All Industries
E579  Dry-wall sprayer                           All Industries
E573  Dry-wall stripper                          All Industries
E573  Dry-wall taping                            All Industries
E573  Dry-wall worker                            All Industries
H883  Dry-yard man                               203
H883  Dry-yard worker                            203
H889  Drying room attendant, hat & cap           225,231-238
F785  Drying room attendant, n. s.               21
F777  Drying room attendant, n. s.               284
F777  Drying-can man                             22
F777  Drying-frame operator                      22
F748  Drying-machine operator                    721
H878  Drying-oven attendant                      225,231-238
F777  Drying-room operator                       221-224,228
F766  Drying-tunnel man                          325
B022  Drywall contractor, administrator or 
        general manager                          15-17
E554  Drywall contractor, exc. administrator 
        or general manager                       15-17
F753  Dual hose cementer                         All Industries
F777  Dubbing-machine operator                   781-783,792
G853  Duck operator                              12
G853  Duck-bill operator                         12
H889  Ducker                                     201
G853  Duckman                                    12
F759  Duco polisher                              371
E596  Duct installer, air conditioning or 
        heating                                  All Industries
E596  Duct installer, metal work                 All Industries
E563  Duct layer                                 15-17
I479  Dude wrangler                              02,071,072,075,076
K459  Dude wrangler                              Dude ranch 702-704
G825  Dukey rider                                10-14
F759  Duller                                     25
H498  Dulser                                     09
K443  Dumb-waiter operator                       58
G824  Dump motorman                              12
G848  Dump operator                              All Industries
G804  Dump-truck driver                          All Industries
G859  Dumpcart driver                            15-17
H878  Dumper                                     All Industries
F777  Dumper operator                            22
E617  Dumper-bailer operator                     13
F754  Dumping-machine operator                   203
F736  Dumpman                                    27
H875  Dumpman                                    495
H883  Dumpman                                    Exc. 27,495
G804  Dumpster driver                            All Industries
G804  Dumpster operator                          All Industries
F777  Dunger                                     22
D378  Dunner                                     732,733,735,7383-7389
F777  Duplex trimmer                             27
D345  Duplicating-machine operator               All Industries
D345  Duplicator                                 Exc. tool machine shop 354
E646  Duplicator                                 Tool machine shop 354
F706  Duplicator punch operator                  All Industries
D345  Dupligraph operator                        All Industries
E684  Duralumin metalworker                      372,376
F777  Dust collector                             All Industries
F764  Dust collector attendant                   All Industries
F777  Dust collector operator                    12,332-339
F757  Dust collector operator                    284
F717  Dust collector treater                     All Industries
H869  Dust handler                               15-17
F756  Dust mixer                                 10
F785  Dust mop maker                             All Industries
F777  Dust operator                              333-339
H883  Dust puller                                333-339
F798  Dust sampler                               10-14
H889  Dust-box tender                            325
H889  Dust-box worker                            328,329
H878  Dust-mill operator                         22
F777  Duster                                     231-238,311
F789  Duster                                     326
K449  Duster                                     52-59
A226  Duster pilot                               071,072,075,076
F777  Duster tender                              20-39
A226  Dusting pilot                              071,072,075,076
F756  Dustless operator                          281,286,289
I476  Dwarf tree grower                          GOV,OBI or PR 01
I474  Dwarf tree grower                          OBNI 01
F756  Dye colorist, dyer                         22
A224  Dye colorist, formulator                   22
A224  Dye expert                                 281,282,284,286,289
F756  Dye feeder                                 22
F756  Dye maker                                  All Industries
F756  Dye man                                    22
F756  Dye mixer                                  All Industries
F756  Dye range operator                         22
F756  Dye tank tender                            22
F756  Dye weigher                                All Industries
F756  Dye-box man                                22
F756  Dye-box operator                           22
F756  Dye-can operator                           22
F756  Dye-house hand                             22
F756  Dye-house vatman                           All Industries
F756  Dye-house wheelman                         311
F756  Dye-house worker                           All Industries
F756  Dye-jig operator                           22
F756  Dye-padder operator                        22
F756  Dye-reel operator                          22
F756  Dye-tub tender                             22
F756  Dyeing-machine operator                    22
F756  Dyeing-machine tender                      22
H889  Dyer, artificial flowers                   39(exc.394)
F777  Dyer, n. s.                                242-249,25
F745  Dyer, n. s.                                313,314
F748  Dyer, n. s.                                721
F795  Dyer, n. s.                                725
F756  Dyer, n. s.                                Exc. 242-249,25,721,725
F717  Dynamic balancer                           36
E684  Dynamic-etching processor                  All Industries
A044  Dynamicist                                 372,376
E615  Dynamite man                               All Industries
F754  Dynamite packing machine operator          All Industries
H889  Dynamite reclaimer                         281,286,289
E615  Dynamite shooter                           All Industries
F717  Dynamite-cartridge crimper                 All Industries
E615  Dynamiter                                  All Industries
E547  Dynamo man                                 All Industries
E547  Dynamo tender                              All Industries
E689  Dynamometer tester                         371,372,376

Last modified: October 16, 2001